Is Climate Change Happening?

The climate science issue that we will be addressing is community recognition whether climate change is happening at all.  I was in a local restaurant and overheard a patron talking about the myth of climate change and insisted that climate change is a made up issue to allow the government to do what they want to get rid of coal which has been a stable job source in many states. 

CLIMATE: The long-term prevalent weather conditions of an area, determined by latitude, longitude, temperature, rainfall, snowfall, river or ocean levels, etc.

This project is designed to assist in developing and understanding of climate change if any by comparing old and new images of the same scenes separated by decades.  

How You Can Participate In This Research

Video Logs:
1.    We want video testimonies of older people who can describe changes or lack of changes in their environment.  Older individuals are a wealth of information and can often relay memories of climate conditions from their youth and compare those memories to current observations in the same area.  These video logs can be done either with a traditional video camera or a cell phone.  The video logs can then be e-mailed to climatepictures@interactivescienceprograms.org



Pictures Say 1000 Words:

2.      We want individuals or photography clubs to locate old pictures that have dates on them and then take another picture of the same scene on the same day during 2011 or 2012.  The images can then be scanned and e-mailed to: climatepictures@interactivescienceprograms.org  We need the date the images where taken and the city, state, province and country where they were taken in case it is outside of the United States.  The images will be compared to each other with respect to type of precipitation if any, clothes worn by individuals in the picture to suggest temperature, and images of local flora to determine changes in budding patterns or tree leaf cover or color, etc. 

Below is an example of one scene where the trees give a hint to changes in the local climate from Lowell, MA
May 30,1868
May 30, 2005